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About How to Start a Business


How to Start a Business is a creation of Way to Go Publications.  Our headquarters is in Armidale, NSW, Australia.  Armidale is located halfway between Sydney and Brisbane and about 2 hours drive in from Coffs Harbour on the Coast. Armidale is nestled in the mountains approximately 1000 metres about sea level.  It is the home of the University of New England, a rich agricultural district and surrounded by immense natural beauty.


The team leaders for Way to Go Publications are extremely experienced in business startup, business growth and business education.  We are keen to contribute to your success and we value your confidentially. Contact us to find how we can help you start your business or join the business startup club.


Meet the people that will help you start and grow your business:


Brent Gregory

While Brent Gregory is a Chartered Accountant, his passion is to assist owner operators increase their returns from businesses. His study of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and hypnosis provide him with the resources to help clients identify and achieve their business purpose.  This is supported by his background in business research and education with FMRC and The Dashboard Company.


Brent spent almost a decade as the CEO of the Armidale and District Business Enterprise Centre. In this role he supported 100's of people to start their own business. Brent's particular research interest is the identification of the key drivers for growth for individual businesses.  His understanding of human behaviour complements Brent's accounting and business management skills.

Brent appreciates the importance of the human element in business success.  His studies have enabled him to structure and communicate his advice so that people achieve results.


Sue Gregory

Sue Gregory is a business educator.  She has worked on a daily basis to assist businesses owners to identify their key opportunities for growth.

Sue has a Masters Degree in Computer Education and delivers training and presentations on key areas of business growth. With a strong sporting background, she understands the teamwork necessary to exceed expectations and drive the Company towards its ambitious goals.  

Sue uses her skills in training and assessing to help businesses move forward. She is a specialist in systematising computer business procedures. Sue works towards automating business procedures in an endeavour to create more time for each individual.


Sue and Brent both hold a Cert IV in Workplace Training and Assessment.  These tools can be used in many different facets with businesses.  As well, Brent is an Internationally Accredited Trainer of NLP, whilst Sue has a Masters Degree in Computer Education.