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How to Start a Business

Are you ready to start a business and now need help to make it happen?  Maybe you are ready to turn your business idea into action and just need the action steps to get you started.

  Do you need a full blown business plan or are you ready to follow the advice from Nike and "just do it" - so that you can develop your business plan on the way.  While conventional wisdom says you need a business plan, the length of this business plan may vary from one page up depending upon your needs.

If your life totally depends on the success of your proposed business, you will be giving up a good paying job and you need to invest significant dollars into your proposed business then obviously you will need to get very serious about your business plan.

Alternatively if you have a hobby and suspect you could make some money by growing your hobby into a business then your business plan may develop as you go along. 

At How to Start a Business we are keen to be part of your business success wether that is by you tapping into our online business help or accessing our business start tools, business development tools, calculators or general business information.  Maybe you would like to join the business startup club and obtain a free business start up assessment.  While this is a basic assessment it may help you organise your thinking and obtain the guidance you need to take you to the next level.  Alternatively you may wish to tap into business start up resources such as articles, guidelines, references, calculators and downloads.

We trust you enjoy your small business journey.