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Business Start up Club

Join the Business Start up Club and access business ideas, business resources and start up guidance.  Join the business start club and obtain a free assessment of your business idea.


The Steps to Joining the Start up Club

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Enter your name and email address on the form (read about your privacy)

Download the business start up questionnaire

Return the completed questionnaire to us (if you would like our assessment)


Why we provide a free assessment of your business idea

We provide a free assessment to members of the business start up club because we think it is in our interest.  We have analyzed our marketing costs and made the decision to invest our marketing resources in the things we do best:- helping businesses start and grow.  We believe this gives us the opportunity to help people start their businesses and as a result:

  • we will have more visitors to our site

  • we will get referrals

  • some portion of people that have benefited from our free assessment will decide to become our clients

  • people may purchase our products

  • we will develop a better understanding of what is needed in the marketplace

  • Karma - there is a reward from the universe for helping others.  John Wooden a British author and philosopher wrote "you can't have a perfect day until you help someone who can never repay you".  We are striving for the perfect day and as well we have often found that people we believe could never repay us often do.